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Why cards are the future of the web

Fri 4 Jul 2014

In this piece Paul Adams, VP of product at Intercom, discusses cards as the best design pattern for portable devices, thanks to their capabilities for manipulation, communication and design. He suggests that we have witnessed a re-design of the web that moves away from traditional “pages and destinations”, towards an aggregation of individual pieces of content brought around by a digital conversion to the mobile screen.

As already witnessed with applications such as Twitter and Google Now, “cards allow a fast and effective medium for providing bursts of information” and updates relevant to a specific user. What’s more, they can be easily manipulated and are highly creative, which, as he suggests, is something that will appeal to marketers as well as consumers: “I think there is no getting away from it. Cards are the next big thing in design and the creative arts. To me that’s incredibly exciting.”

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