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Sorry to hear that CloudEvangelist podcast is ending. We look forward to supporting your new CSA ones.

Thu 8 May 2014


For more than two years, the CloudEvangelist podcast has entertained and informed the IT industry in general and the cloud community particularly.  The man behind it, Richard Morrell, is changing roles within RedHat and, to allow him to concentrate on this new direct marketing role, the podcast will be retired in June.

The good news is that not only do they remain available as a back catalogue on iTunes but also that he is to become the “official podcast media bod for the Cloud Security Alliance”.


“You will then see me migrate to the bigger show format recorded in my own private time, pro bono with guests from across the world of cloud. It’s important to add some of whom I could never have got on the show before because of vendor bias / neutrality.

The CSA Podcast will be a lot of work and a lot of fun and also shows how committed Red Hat are to security in Cloud in the wider community. Security being critical to decision making processes, steps and life cycle for Cloud. In a way Cloud Evangelist has paved the way to now have a wider audience and a larger download base given the CSA membership and rollcall and the unique nature of security.”

To read the full blog please click here 

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