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Within 18 months it’ll cost $5, inc hardware and future software services, to connect to the internet

Wed 7 May 2014

This comment comes from a Gigaom piece “Determining the value of the internet of things” which features an interview with David Friedman, the CEO of Ayla Networks, a cloud connectivity specialist. Gigaom (and us) call it the internet of things, Ayla use the slightly more elegant phrase of the internet of networks.

But, I digress. It was Friedman who came up with the cost prediction and he then uses it in the context of where he thinks the IoT will grow – thermostats controlling the home HVAC are offered as the low hanging fruit. Security – or locks – is another, lighting and sprinkler systems get a mention too.  Businesses, too, can take advantage

“But what about other consumer devices where there isn’t an energy return or even a cost savings from connecting the device? Friedman believes the business case is as compelling as the consumer case.

“The ones [companies] who are going to be able to adapt and leverage the data, and then build it into the feedback loop of ‘I launched it. Here’s what my customers think about it. Here’s what my customers are using. Here’s what they’re not using. I’m going to launch a new product but I’m going to incorporate all that learning into it.’ Companies that do that will blow away, completely beat companies that have not figured out how to be data centric.”

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