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Low-tech semiconductors are about to disrupt the energy industry

Wed 30 Apr 2014


A ‘Tomorrow’s World’ style article on the dependable GigaOm site from Matt Scullin, Founder & CEO of Alphabet Energy talking about a new breed of semiconductors called thermoelectrics that turn heat into electricity. They are now at a price tipping point (even lower than photovoltaic) and he believes they will emerge from government-funded projects and that their future in a range of industrial applications is assured.

You can almost hear data centre managers rubbing their hands in glee but the potential goes far beyond that. Interesting to read the sceptical comments, though, from readers who see the article as an advert with no technical information.

“Thermoelectrics offer a unique combination of extreme reliability and simplicity, unmatched by other thermal power generators. This makes them the ideal technology to turn waste heat into power in places like remote power plants, factories, vehicles, or anywhere waste heat is generated.”

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