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Tweet: Intel and Huawei in strategic partnership to co-develop and market big data storage products

Sun 27 Apr 2014


Although there is no official comment from Intel this article from eWeek’s Chris Preimesberger reports that Chinese IT giant Huawei will develop new storage technology with the US-based silicon expert specifically for big data applications. The deal would also give each company access to the others’ market.

“Under terms of this agreement, both companies will augment their existing collaboration in new products, product R&D, and joint-marketing initiatives to drive the advancement of big data-related IT — mostly around storage.  However, the companies did not say that the agreement would preclude any other type of IT co-development, such as in big data analytics or networking — two hot areas of IT at the moment.

Huawei and Intel will staff a new technical team to conduct development in IT architecture, R&D roadmap sharing, and optimization of products, solutions, and new technologies. The two companies will also start a new marketing operation that will include strategies, trade fair cooperation, and joint branding initiatives. “


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