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SDN creates “software defined operator” – an entirely new business model for telco service providers

Wed 23 Apr 2014

Robin Mersh of the Broadband Forum reports back from the group’s recent meeting in Malta where the talk was of how SDN and NFV and their promise – but just what is that promise? A speaker from Deutsche Telekom says it helping to create an entirely new business model for organisations like his. But while the technology may be disruptive, the change will be evolutionary.

“The potential to ease pressure on fixed costs whilst also dynamically developing new revenue streams shows the attractiveness of NFV (potentially using SDN), but business conditions remain challenging on all fronts, and this includes both regulatory issues and standards development. SDN and NFV are technologies with promise, but how do we realize that promise? Operators like the look of them, while vendors try to work their magic around what they could actually deliver. And all the time, all players are looking to protect their current revenues.”

Click here for full article: http://www.lightreading.com/carrier-sdn/sdn-and-nfv-evolution-not-revolution/a/d-id/708316


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