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The future of business is digital, says Forrester

Thu 3 Apr 2014

Seems an obvious, Marketing-based headline and the article kicks off with the traditional apocalyptic vision (“Your company is likely to face an extinction event in the next 10 years”) but there is an important point in this blog from Forrester analyst Nigel Fenwick about the build up of App ecosystems that represent value to their users. Digital business strategy is not a stick-on go-faster stripe but requires you to fully embrace it – and there is a white paper (whence the blog’s title came) available to help. He says: “Your business must adapt to these dynamic ecosystems of value and deliver a greater share of value to customers through these ecosystems.”

“The piecemeal strategy of bolting digital channels or methods onto the business is no longer sufficient. Instead, you must think of your company as part of a dynamic ecosystem of value that connects digital resources inside and outside the company to create value for customers. To do this, you must fully harness digital technologies, both to deliver a superior customer experience and to drive the agility and operational efficiency you need to stay competitive.”



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