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How combining Agile techniques and open source thinking can help you exploit new technologies

Thu 3 Apr 2014

Creating a convincing business case for new technology can be hard. Here Frederik Bijlsma takes a step by step approach that draws inspiration from the Agile programming and the open source movement to help you keep up with new technology and identify the right projects.

“• Make thoughtful choices in adopting new technologies – a lot of organizations struggle in finding the right sizing and measurability for new projects.
• Implement a specific Organizational Leverage to facilitate adoption of new ideas in your organization. This can be a special Incubation Team reporting into your departmental leader or even to the CIO and has to have the ability to think across silos and departmental boundaries.
Also this team should have the ability to speak to your Lines of Businesses involving also your normal Supply/Demand IT organization.
• Build a portfolio of emerging technologies and find the metrics across agility, quality and efficiency categories which relate to YOUR business.”



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