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British Airways suffers data breach

Fri 7 Sep 2018

British Airways customers have been cancelling credit cards after a data breach compromised over 380,000 card payments over a period of 16 days.

The airline revealed on Thursday evening on its Twitter feed that it was looking into the matter.

As well as customer details being stolen from the website, mobile app users were also targeted.

British Airways assured customers online that the ‘stolen data did not include travel or passport details’.

“From 22:58 BST August 21 2018 until 21:45 BST September 5 2018 inclusive, the personal and financial details of customers making or changing bookings on our website and app were compromised.

“The breach has been resolved and our website is working normally. We have notified the police and relevant authorities.”

British Airways ended its update with an apology for the matter and gave advice for those who had been targeted to contact their bank or credit card provider.

Customers who booked between August and September were targeted with the airline offering compensation to every customer affected as well as paying for a credit checking service.

British Airways pinned the tweet to its feed on Thursday evening

Alex Cruz, the chief executive of British Airways spoke on Friday, also apologising for the incident.

“The first thing to say is that I am extremely sorry for what happened…we will compensate any financial hardship suffered.”

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Cruz also spoke of the ‘sophisticated’ nature of the attack but would not divulge further information.

BA was alerted to the attack on 5 August but ‘did not know what it was’.

“The first thing was to find out if it was something serious. The moment that actual customer data had been compromised, that’s when we began immediate communication to our customers.”

British Airways shares fell nearly 3% in the wake of the breach as investors weighed the incident’s impact against future ticket sales.

Customers faced issues with contacting their bank to cancel credit cards with many taking to social media to share their grievance at the length of time waiting in queues as phone lines were inundated with calls.

As of 10 am Friday morning, BA has resolved the issue and all its systems are working normally, with customers able to check in and continue travelling.


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