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Zerto previews 7.0 and releases IT resilience platform

Wed 23 May 2018

Zerto has released an IT resilience platform designed to merge backup and disaster recovery as part of a preview of its release of Zerto 7.

The company’s IT Resilience Platform was announced at the opening of its annual conference, held in Boston, and is designed to change the way businesses look after their data. Its next release, Zerto 7, will feature continuous journal-based protection.

Zerto’s Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn told The Stack that this change from periodic to journal-based backup is a big change for the company. “Organisations are looking for more of a convergence, both in terms of disaster recovery and backup,” van Doorn said.

He also emphasised the importance of the single platform and user experience. “If they need to recover anything, the workflows are exactly the same, whether recovering from seven seconds or seven years ago. That’s the biggest difference.”

In terms of the drivers behind this change towards continuous backup, van Doorn noted that multicloud is now “absolutely the de facto standard.” Companies are using this strategy to help with the digital transformation plans, he said, and with the well-publicised changes in data protection, data backup and disaster recovery needed to change too.

“Most of the IT resilience platform was actually delivered in Zerto 6.0,” continued van Doorn. “Now we’re enhancing it, specifically the long-term retention. If you look at the use cases, the biggest use for backup right now is long-term retention. And most long-term issues are actually to do with compliance.

“GDPR’s article 32 looks at the security of processing. You need to be able to prove that you can recover. Our product also automatically creates a report, which offers compliance. It’s not just GDPR, this is also relevant for regulations like PCI-DSS. So, it helps with a lot of compliance regulations.”

With built-in orchestration and automation, Zerto believes that this release will solve a lot of data protection issues by converging backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility solutions into one platform.


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