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Symantec adds security layer to Azure

Wed 7 Feb 2018

Security firm Symantec is working with Microsoft to add an extra layer of security to Azure with the intention of increasing hybrid cloud adoption.

Using the existing Symantec Web Security Service product, the two firms will work together on security applications for the public cloud platform.

Microsoft is hoping to increase enterprise use of its cloud, citing better protection and control for corporate users, as well as preventative measures against data leaks and compliance with both corporate and government regulations as motivations for customers to switch to the cloud.

According to Symantec, the release of the new product is as a result of the changing infrastructure of IT systems. Due to a major step away from the traditional network architecture, in part thanks to products such as Office 365 and the Azure public cloud, traffic from remote sites and mobile users travels through corporate data centres less often.

By accessing applications and utilising security infrastructure in this way, latency and cost issues can arise when businesses move to Office 365 and Azure. Now, Symantec believes customers should move their entire network security stack to the cloud in order to bypass these problems.

Doing this, it argues, will give direct, secure connectivity to the internet and as such provide security and network architecture while spending less.

Sheila Jordan, Symantec senior vice president and CIO, said: “Symantec and Microsoft continue to share a commitment to online security. Through our efforts, we are bringing world class security solutions to Azure to help customers realize the speed, flexibility and capacity of cloud computing while staying protected against today’s evolving threats.”

Senior bosses at Microsoft agreed. Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, said: “The collaboration between Microsoft and Symantec brings together advanced network security and intelligent cloud infrastructure. Symantec’s full suite of security and compliance controls complement our broad set of Azure security solutions to provide customers with an ideal, trusted cloud platform.”


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