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Oracle releases AI-based cloud security and management suite

Thu 5 Oct 2017

Oracle has released an artificial intelligence (AI) based cloud security and management system, which will consist of a set of integrated suites including the Oracle identity security operations centre (SOC), and the Oracle management cloud.

The system is intended to help businesses predict, reduce, detect, and resolve cybersecurity threats and assist in efforts to ‘remediate application and infrastructure performance issues.’

It will work by using AI to analyse a unified data set, which will comprise of all security and operational telemetry. The technology will also provide ‘automated remediation’ using the artificially intelligent system.

Oracle believes that this new suite of services will help customers to adapt their security quickly as the ‘risk landscape’ changes. It states that the use of machine learning can potentially stop attacks, lower detection time ‘from months to minutes’, and address security breaches and performance outages faster.

As well as security concerns, customers will be able to improve their analytics, Oracle says. It states: ‘Users will also be able to access analytic conclusions from highly-tuned machine learning – informed by a comprehensive operational and security data set – without any additional work required.’

The machine learning technology involved in the suite works through the use of a single, unified model. This allows for large raw data ingest and context-based enrichment – through which customers can gain actionable insights.

SVP for security and systems management at Oracle, Prakash Ramamurthy, said: “In the past few years, we’ve witnessed explosive growth in the rate of application change, as well as in the sophistication of security threats, which together have completely overrun traditional rules-based, siloed enterprise approaches to security and management.

“Organizations must take a fresh look at their security and management from the ground up or risk ever-more costly breaches and outages.”

The release is good news for customers anticipating GDPR, argues Oracle, which states that the cloud-native security operations centre can help ensure organisations are compliant.


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