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White paper: Security is not the real issue – it’s data classification

Thu 13 Oct 2016

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As large enterprises and government agencies increasingly take to the cloud, it is critical that they work to comply with security and privacy standards by applying data classification policies.

To protect themselves against compromise, loss or misuse of data, businesses need to adopt an effective classification framework which provides a reference to the appropriate level of protection against a typical threat. These levels of data security classification, as advised by the British government, are Official, Secret and Top Secret – with most public sector businesses and services operating exclusively at the lowest level.

Cloud Computing: Why security is not the real issue – it’s data classification – a new white paper from Michael Mudd of Asia Policy Partners, a leading technology advisory firm, discusses why reassessing data classification can ensure that businesses are focusing their security budget where it is needed the most and protecting the safety of their most valuable assets.

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