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RSA Conference 2016: A chat with the UK’s cyber envoy to the U.S.

Thu 3 Mar 2016

FB_IMG_1456768008801.jpgOver at RSA Conference 2016, The Stack’s security editor, Richard Morrell, meets and talks with the British Cyber Envoy to the United States, and takes a deeper look at one of the most interesting British companies making an impression at San Francisco this week…

Yesterday I discussed how the UK Government is investing in a ‘British tech village’ here at RSA Conference 2016. Today I’m talking to Andy Williams, Cyber Envoy to the U.S., based at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C.. Over the last two days the British Government and their media team have bent over backwards to demonstrate a very grown-up way of engaging with us, the press. Driving the best of British cyber-technology into the heart of America when you are surrounded by funded and incubated U.S. startups – especially in the D.C. triangle – is a hard proposition. British security companies have a lot to offer, and the UK’s efforts in this sector constitute far more than a sound-bite…

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Interview: Andy Williams, Cyber Envoy to the U.S

Interview: ZoneFox

The UK Government is investing in RSA Conference 2016 to give UK startups and fledgling security companies an opportunity to shine in the California sun. For some it will be the opportunity of a lifetime.

technology-is-great-rsa-conference-2016Today I talk to the founders of ZoneFox, for whom I had great praise in yesterday’s post. This is a company with a real story to tell, and one that is very very different from their peers at the conference. ZoneFox’s ethical product has captured my attention as potentially the biggest future success story of any of the startups here in San Francisco this week. Many of the venture capital companies who’ve bestowed seed rounds at some of the smaller companies here might well have been advised to have favoured these guys. I hope that the technology and innovation ZoneFox demonstrates will motivate other startups listening to our interview with them (embedded below) to push their own companies to the next level.

ZoneFox. You heard it first here on The Stack. I’m rarely lost for words and extremely hard to impress. This is far more than a security proposition – it’s a potential powerhouse that could change the way every organisation in every vertical protects its IP and data, whilst also underwriting and defining employee reputation protection.

If you’re a vendor or attendee at RSA 2016 and would like to be featured in one of Richard’s podcasts, please make contact with him via [email protected].


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