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Lizard Squad strikes back at National Crime Agency website

Tue 1 Sep 2015

This morning the Lizard Squad hacking group have claimed revenge against the U.K.’s National Crime Agency for its recent arrest of six teenagers who bought and used the hacking tool Lizard Stresser.

Though the NCA website loaded on a second attempt for us, ping tests show the domain as globally inaccessible at the moment, with no response yet provided from the authority.

The site is presumably being attacked with the same hacking kit which caused the protest – Lizard Stresser is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) tool which recruits ‘zombie’ home routers into facets of an online attack force capable of bringing down sites and online services.

The six teenagers, aged between 15 and 18, were arrested on August 28th on suspicion of ‘maliciously deploying Lizard Stresser’, which they apparently purchased via ‘alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin’. The suspected targets of the tool conform predictably to the age-range of the suspects, and included a school, videogame companies and online retailers.

Ironically the internal security of the Lizard Stresser user-base was compromised in January this year, when a leaked copy of its database was distributed across hacking groups, effectively putting the product’s customers up until that point in the public domain. At the time of the teenagers’ arrests an NCA spokesperson noted that its officers were visiting “50 addresses linked to individuals registered on the Lizard Stresser website, but who are not currently believed to have carried out attacks”.

Lizard Squad targeted the PlayStation network in a series of DDoS strikes last December, an attack whose magnitude was further amplified by its proximity to the Sony email database hacks from North Korea some weeks earlier.

In February of this year Lizard Squad turned its attentions to the website of disgraced laptop manufacturer Lenovo, forcing the company to take the website offline.


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