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#OpIsrael returns: Anonymous vows to wipe Israeli ‘cyberspace’ in ‘electronic Holocaust’

Tue 31 Mar 2015

Online hacker group Anonymous has released new video footage [embedded below] in which a masked character, dressed in a suit, presents a statement announcing an attack on Israel’s national servers on April 7th.

The cyberattack will be carried out under the notorious flag of #OpIsrael – the anti-Israel hacking programme targeting Israeli websites with DDoS assaults, data hijacking, leaks, and defacements.

The video contains disturbing images of distressed and injured Palestinian civilians, as well as pictures of bombed areas in Palestine from the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. The video also features clips of the re-elected Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in discussions with leading military figures and the minister of defence.

The masked individual in the video states “This is a message to the foolish Zionist entities […] All we see is continuous aggression, bombing, killing and kidnapping of the Palestinian people, as in the last war against Gaza in 2014.”

“As we did many times, we will take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, and Israeli institutions […] We will erase you from cyberspace in our Electronic Holocaust,” he continues.


Anonymous has frequently led attacks against Israel’s famous defence system, the Iron Dome. The hacktivist group launched a cyberattack campaign targeting the nation’s defences in November last year, however no significant damage was reported.


Israel is often threatened by hacker groups with but so far cyber criminals have been unable to breach full security only achieving minor temporary inconveniences for national sites. What’s more stolen critical data published by hacking accomplices is usually outdated.

Anonymous made a similar announcement last year on 7th April, but the attack failed to meet its hype with merely a handful of Israeli websites affected for a number of hours.

The official Anonymous @Op_Israel Twitter account has also confirmed that the group will attack Israel ‘cyberspace’ on 7th April 2015.


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