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Slightly alarmist (or alarming) look at Windows XP now that Microsoft has stopped support. How can users can protect themselves?

Sun 20 Apr 2014

Computer World, like many others, is focusing on Windows XP users who are now running naked in the internet field with a host of black hats firing blow pipes at them. Get past the alarmist “reds under the beds” stuff and this is a fairly helpful article for the many of us for whom Vista, Windows 8 et al just hasn’t happened.

“There are other ways to try to secure XP machines beyond getting custom support from Microsoft. One option is implementing sufficient security controls to prevent exploits reaching them. That’s the approach used by Arkoon+Netasq, a French company that offers a service called ExtendedXP. This combines a security agent running on each XP endpoint with a service that monitors the overall XP threat environment and suggests any measures that need to be taken to mitigate them.”

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