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More than half of IT professionals make unauthorised changes to systems

Wed 16 Apr 2014

The results of a Netwrix study, ‘2014 Sate of IT Changes’, have been released today. The survey of 577 IT professionals has found that over 50% make changes to their companies’ IT systems without formal documentation or audit. Another key finding shows that only 60% of companies have implemented IT change management controls, which leaves 40% of organisations at risk from security threats, system downtime and decreased operational efficiency.

“This data reveals that IT organisations are regularly making undocumented changes that impact system availability and security,” said Michael Fimin, CEO, Netwrix. “This is a risky practice that may jeopardize the security and performance of their business. IT managers and CIOs need to evaluate the addition of change auditing to their change management processes. This will enable them to ensure that all changes – both documented and undocumented – are tracked so that answers can be quickly found in the event of a security breach or service outage.”

View the full report here: http://www.netwrix.com/download/documents/2014_State_of_IT_Changes_Survey_Report.pdf


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