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Telit launches deviceWISE for IBM IoT

Thu 12 Jul 2018


Telit has announced that its deviceWISE IoT platform is now fully interoperable with the IBM Watson IoT platform. Together, Telit and IBM intend to use these products to promote global industrial IoT deployments.

Using the deviceWISE IoT solution in combination with the IBM Watson IoT platform is intended to enable immediate on-boarding of IoT devices for manufacturers and industrial businesses. Additionally, deviceWISE and Watson together will allow organizations to apply advanced analytics, application development, and artificial intelligence (AI) to IoT systems without the need for complex integration development.

deviceWISE is an IoT solution developed by Telit to reduce deployment time and effort for industrial IoT applications. It does this by providing a portal, asset gateway, and enterprise gateway that are easily configured to user specifications. Further, rather than offering APIs to assist programmers in integrating IoT applications, deviceWISE includes pre-coded enterprise-grade device drivers and industrial protocols, which can be easily installed for instant data-mapping from the platform to industrial applications.

This helps to reduce the complexity and investment of time and resources required to implement IoT solutions in an industrial or manufacturing setting.

IBM Watson IoT works with deviceWISE, applying real-time data analytics and powerful artificial intelligence, including cognitive analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Yosi Fait, CEO of Telit, emphasized the natural fit between the deviceWISE and IBM Watson IoT products. “This new agreement enables manufacturers and other industrial businesses to leverage the combined strength of the world’s two best solutions for IIoT and AI,” he said.

“By working together, Telit and IBM are ensuring that IIoT lives up to its full potential for maximizing efficiency, productivity and more.”

This week, Telit released strong financials for the first half of 2018, reporting a 13.2% increase in revenues over 2017, largely attributed to strong performance in connectivity and IoT platform services. The company also reported a $5 million reduction in debt, which is credited to cost-control measures established in the fourth quarter of 2017.

IBM recently invested more in IoT development with the June acquisition of Oniqua Holdings, a company that specializes in developing operational optimization software for manufacturing and industrial concerns. This acquisition complements the Watson IoT platform ‘solutions-as-a-service’, to assist asset-heavy industries with forecasting and optimization activities.


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