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Canadian tech companies collaborate on IoT security solution

Tue 5 Jun 2018

IoT security

IoT security has a new weapon as three Canadian technology companies have collaborated to create a data security solution for smart city and IoT applications.

The data security solution, from eleven-x, ESCRYPT and OrbiWise, is available to all applications running on the eleven-x network, Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast IoT optimized network. The companies worked together to integrate the new ESCRYPT key management solution (KMS) with the OrbiWAN servers running on the eleven-x network.

With the new KMS, customers can manage security keys by storing them in the ESCRYPT KMS, allowing complete LoRaWAN security without the risk inherent in manual key storage solutions. The eleven-x network provides end-to-end data encryption from device to customer application server, and authentication is performed for both device and network, ensuring secure transmission of IoT data.

IoT security problems

While early IoT topics revolved around the potential applications of the technology, data security is becoming a more significant issue in IoT. A recent report on IoT security shows that 87% of those surveyed are concerned with how companies that collect data, as in IoT applications, keep that information secure.

“Sensitivity around data security and privacy is a key factor with our customers and IoT applications in general,” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x Inc.

“We are really excited to be working with world-class partners like OrbiWise and ESCRYPT to help deliver unmatched levels of security for our customers.”

IoT security presents a unique challenge, as an IoT network is comprised of multiple points of access, any of which can present a potential point of weakness to a malicious individual.

The eleven-x network, combining end-to-end encryption with the ESCRYPT KMS, hopes to solve this problem for its customers. Eleven-x provides a full LPWAN network that uses low-cost, battery-powered sensors supporting wireless connectivity, and zero maintenance for low-cost operation of IoT and smart city applications.

ESCRYPT is a global specialist in embedded security, providing solutions in secure M2M communication and the automotive industry, as well as for IoT and digital infrastructure.


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