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Microsoft partners with CNH Industrial on smart vehicles

Thu 1 Feb 2018

Agricultural and industrial vehicle manufacturer CNH Industrial will be using Microsoft Azure to gather data and create a new generation of connected vehicles.

The CNH Industrial Service Delivery Platform, powered by Azure, will make it easier for users to access vehicle data, with the intention of improving efficiency, productivity and predictive maintenance.

CNH owns major agricultural brands such as Case IH and New Holland Agriculture, as well as commercial vehicle company Iveco. The data gathered through the new platform will streamline existing operations and open up new revenue streams for these brands.

As well as this, the firm expects to develop a new generation of connected agricultural machines that would make use of the data gathered in this phase of operations. These machines would come with a set of value added services based on existing data.

The new delivery platform is pivotal to CNH’s plans for digital transformation, particularly in its agricultural vehicle sector. It intends to transfer the agricultural data gathered from its connected vehicles through Azure based systems.

Advanced telematics is one expected application of this digital transformation program. This means that customers will be able to manage and monitor many more parameters than they currently can, including internal mechanics and driving style evaluations. Fleet managers will also be able to have a closer understanding of fuel consumption and be able to share this data with suppliers.

These plans, and Microsoft’s involvement, signals CNH’s commitment to moving into the world of industrial IoT. The company’s service delivery platform also looks to make use of artificial intelligence and business intelligence technologies – areas in which Microsoft has products.

In order to implement the platform, CNH will also make use Microsoft’s enterprise services division, using the Seattle giant’s experience in making complex digital transformation plans a reality.

Agricultural IoT is a new and expanding sector, with technologies such as GPS, RFID, geo-mapping and drones being used to improve the precision of farming and as a result, increase productivity and reduce waste.


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