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AWS releases IoT offerings covering deployment and analysis

Thu 30 Nov 2017

AWS has announced a range of new IoT services on the platform, after CEO Andy Jassy spoke of the growing importance of the technology at AWS re:Invent.

At the Las Vegas event, Jassy argued that two current tech ‘buzzwords’ that are actually living up to their hype are IoT and machine learning. Now, the company has released six services that make it easier to set up IoT devices, and analyse the data that comes from them.

Four of these services and capabilities come under the ‘AWS IoT’ umbrella, with the introduction of 1-Click, Device Management, Device Defender and Analytics. As well as these services, the company has adopted Amazon FreeRTOS, an operating system for devices with extremely low computing power, such as smoke detectors.

Finally, AWS Greengrass has got a new machine learning capability, meaning devices can have access to machine learning models, even without access to the cloud. This is intended to benefit IoT devices at the edge by giving them the tools to make machine learning inferences more quickly.

Most of the new services under the AWS IoT name offer what they say on the tin. 1-Click allows customers to enable a device with an AWS Lambda function simply by downloading the app, selecting their registered device and associating that device with the Lambda function. 1-Click is pre-loaded with Lambda functions, though users can write and upload their own.

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Amazon is looking to manage the entire process of setting up IoT devices; the Device Management and Device Defender services are intended to ‘simplify onboarding, managing, and securing fleets of IoT devices.’

Once connected devices have been set up, most of the value comes from the analysis of its data. As such, the newly released Analytics product gives customers a fully managed analytics service that ‘cleans, processes, stores, and analyses IoT device data at scale.’

Amazon has also put an emphasis on the ease of carrying out this process, as with its deployment tools. This is likely to be an important point for AWS, given the difficulty of carrying out analysis on IoT data, which is typically very messy and unstructured.

“With Amazon FreeRTOS, we’re making it easy for customers to bring AWS IoT functionality to countless numbers of small, microcontroller-based devices,” said AWS IoT VP, Dirk Didascalou.

“Customers have also told us they want to execute machine learning models on the connected devices themselves, so we’re excited to deliver that with AWS Greengrass ML Inference,” he added.

The release of these IoT services came alongside around 20 others at Amazon’s recent event, including two new container capabilities and the announcement of a number of major customer wins, such as the NFL, Expedia and Walt Disney.


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