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Huawei and Intel partner on 5G-NR test

Fri 22 Sep 2017

Huawei has announced a partnership with Intel to begin testing of 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR)-based infrastructure. The tests are designed to verify the interoperability and maturity of 5G technologies and networks, in anticipation of commercial deployment of end-to-end 5G technology in China.

The test will be conducted on a live mobile system connecting Huawei’s 5G base station prototype with Intel’s 3rd generation 5G Mobile Trial Platform (MTP). Both companies will use the interoperability test to verify key 5G NR performance indicators against unified 5G standards.

The two companies announced their intent to drive unified 5G standards at the MWC 2017 global 5G Test Summit in February, with a view to helping set standards and goals for global deployment of 5G technologies.

The technologies that will be reviewed in the Huawei-Intel interoperability test will include sub-6GHz advances including C-Band, which will provide basic coverage and bandwidth for 5G, as well as becoming one of the world’s first ‘commercialized 5G frequency bands.’ The companies are also looking at the performance of mmWave, or millimeter wave, the spectrum band between 30-300 GHZ and testing system mobility.

Asha Keddy, Vice President in the communication and devices group at Intel Corporation, noted that Intel has been active in conducting 5G research, development and testing with the leading players in the Chinese 5G industry. “Based on the latest 5G NR technologies,” she said, “this joint interoperability test with Huawei will further drive unified 5G standards and the industrial ecosystem in China and across the globe.”

This follows yesterday’s announcement that Huawei has completed 5G tests in Beijing in partnership with MediaTek. The Beijing interoperability tests measured performance of a prototype terminal, with integrated antennas from MediaTek, and the Huawei 5G base stations. The companies announced that the test was the first 5G NR interoperability and docking test to achieve a transmission rate of more than 5 Gbps.

All tests were conducted in accordance with 3GPP standards. 3GPP is a global initiative aimed at combining various differing international telecommunications standards into a unified global standard. Worldwide leaders in technology, communications and technology manufacturing and services have joined 3GPP with a view to promoting international standards for the entire supply chain, including cutting-edge 5G technologies.


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