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Samsung announces plans to connect all devices by 2020

Mon 4 Sep 2017

Samsung has announced its plan to connect all of its products in order to create a ‘hyper-connected world.’

The South Korean giant is looking to take advantage of its unusual position, noting that it ‘is one of the few global companies that covers everything from IT and home appliances to integral abilities and components.’

In order to create the mooted hyper-connected world, the company intends to connect all Samsung products by 2020, using Samsung Connect, a cloud computing based integral platform and application. As well as being connected by this application, the products will be controlled by it.

To allow easier control of this connected network, Samsung will employ virtual assistant Bixby. The company is pushing the connected network forward, having created an IoT committee, with every department involved.

As well as internal connectivity, Samsung is looking to branch out to other companies. It hopes to collaborate with Google Home, Alexa, and other services through an open platform strategy.

Samsung is a board member of the Open Connectivity Foundation, a group that pushes for IoT standardisation. Speaking at IFA 2017, Samsung consumer electrics CEO BK Yoon, said: “An easy to use IoT service for everyone is impossible without cooperation between businesses.”

“By making open cooperation between Harman, SmartThings and internal groups with external IoT businesses, we will realize a user-oriented IoT service at home, in the office, in vehicles and other areas.”

As well as the company’s broad range of products, it already has access to an array of solutions and components that it believes will place it in a strong position to carry out its plan, such as an IoT platform, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), voice recognition, wireless communication, semi-conductor chips, sensors and security solutions.

Yoon also commented on the direction and strategy of the business, saying: “IoT and B2B will be our main focus of investment to continue innovation in the consumer electrics business.”

The news comes hot on the heels of another collaborative IoT announcement between major tech companies, as Microsoft and Amazon pair up Cortana and Alexa.


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