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Flock of major names release gadgets at IFA 2017

Fri 1 Sep 2017

One of Europe’s biggest tech shows is back. Mixed reality headsets, wearables in business and 3D scanning phones are just some of the gadgets on show at IFA 2017, held in Berlin.

Playing host to major names such as Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and Dell, the show exhibits cutting-edge products, mostly consumer, though many of them with applications in business.

Of particular interest to many is Asus’ mixed reality headset, which features two inside out cameras, a gyroscope, accelerometer, 3K resolution, magnetometer, and p-sensor, the device weighs in at under 400g.

Asus’ headset was made in conjunction with Microsoft, who announced its collaborative effort with Amazon recently, enabling both of the companies’ smart assistants, Cortana and Alexa, to work together.

Wearables are taking hold to a greater extent every day, as both consumers and businesses realise the potential they hold for improving efficiency and for businesses, improving service. Samsung released several wearables at IFA – the Gear Sport and the Gear Fit2 Pro.

After a long wait, Fitbit has unveiled its first smartwatch, called the Fitbit Ionic, coming with its own OS, an LCD screen, and built in GPS. Costing just under £300, it’s marginally cheaper than Apple Watch 2 and Android Wear, though with less features.

These releases come in the same week that Microsoft released a case study on the use of wearables and IoT at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt – where employees are using wearables to enable up-to-the-minute service and cleaning, in an example of a growing market known as enterprise IoT (EIoT).

Possibly as a rebuff to Apple’s upcoming HomePod smart speaker, and GoogleHome, Panasonic has released its SC-GA10, which works with Google Assistant, and supports Google Music, Tunein and Deezer. The speaker also has multi-room abilities, meaning a user can choose which room the music plays in.

Sony released several variants of its Experia, most notably the XZ1, which features 3D scanning and HDR support.

The show goes on until September 6th, and The Stack will keep you updated with any more groundbreaking releases.



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