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Nationwide IoT network to be launched in Singapore

Mon 7 Aug 2017

Singaporean telco Singtel has announced that it will launch its nationwide cellular IoT network by the end of September.

The new network aims to allow businesses to achieve both operational and cost efficiencies, by supporting the use of IoT devices with longer battery life and wider coverage.

Singtel’s network will support CAT-M1 and NB-IoT technologies, allowing businesses to benefit from applications with low-power consumption, multiple connections, and better coverage.

‘The launch of our network provides an ideal platform for the proliferation of IoT devices and applications. With more businesses embracing the digital future, it paves the way for IoT adoption as Singapore advances towards becoming a Smart Nation. We welcome businesses to be part of the growing IoT ecosystem by leveraging on our robust infrastructure and network,’ said Bill Chang, CEO of Group Enterprise at Singtel.

The cellular IoT network will be able to support devices with a battery life of up to 10 years or more, as it leverages both low-band and mid-band frequencies. The CAT-M1 network will also allow businesses to make VoLTE calls using small portable devices with long battery life, such as wearable devices and trackers with voice capability.

Alongside the rollout, Singtel, which counts over 600 million mobile customers and more than 23,000 staff worldwide, will be inviting businesses and technology partners to try out and develop IoT solutions at its IoT Innovation Lab. Set up in collaboration with Ericsson, the lab allows businesses to experience new IoT applications and develop new business strategies.

Last month, Ericsson was selected to build an end-to-end narrow band IoT (NB-IoT) system for Chunghwa Telecom, the leading telecoms provider in Taiwan. Chunghwa will use the system to test a range of IoT devices and applications in its laboratory, as the two companies work together to identify 5G applications for various industries.


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