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Samsung ARTIK gains SAP Leonardo IoT certification

Wed 12 Jul 2017

ARTIK Samsung

Samsung’s ARTIK IoT modules are now certified by SAP to run on SAP Leonardo IoT Edge, allowing ARTIK customers to use SAP Leonardo for edge computing needs.

Samsung ARTIK modules provide a hardware platform for edge processing, while SAP Leonardo combines various types of analytics on the SAP Cloud Platform. Customers can leverage SAP products in IoT, machine learning, Big Data analytics using the SAP Cloud Platform, which are now fully interoperable with Samsung ARTIK hardware.

The benefit of combining Samsung hardware with SAP Leonardo means that clients can support faster deployment of IoT analytics projects, harnessing the data generated by IoT devices for faster, in-depth analysis of data at the edge.

Samsung ARTIK 530 modules offer a 4-core, 32-bit ARM processor, with 512 MB RAM and 4GB flash memory. The ARTIK 710 modules are larger, with an 8-core, 64-bit processor and 1 GB RAM, 4GB flash memory. Both modules contain an ARM MALI GPU for graphics applications, along with enterprise-class security.

Leonardo is SAP’s digital innovation system, which integrates different types of technologies seamlessly, allowing for fast and easy deployment of analytics solutions, to help clients accelerate digital transformation. SAP Leonardo seeks to leverage SAP’s experience and knowledge of diverse industries, from manufacturing, to retail, to utilities and apply that knowledge to helping clients apply technological solutions to data analytics and ultimately, improving their own products and services.

James Stansberry, SVP and U.S. Head of ARTIK for Samsung, noted that obtaining certification from SAP will help customers to develop customized IoT edge solutions.

“This certification will help our customers configure edge and cloud processing functionality to meet their needs, allowing them to implement strong, differentiated IoT solutions in a variety of deployment scenarios,” he said.

“SAMSUNG ARTIK will continue to add to our list of technology and distribution partners to support our customers, while expanding our core IoT interoperability, device lifecycle management, security and hardware product offerings.”

SAP has dedicated a five-year, €2 billion investment in IoT which led to the rollout of SAP Leonardo. The company intends to use SAP Leonardo to extend the digital core, combining data analytics with device connectivity, to benefit applications in a wide range of industries. Certifying ARTIK for SAP Leonardo will allow customers of Samsung to deploy IoT edge computing applications more quickly, leveraging SAP’s investment in IoT and accelerating their own digital transformation.


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