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ZTE and China Mobile complete NB-IoT trial

Thu 13 Apr 2017


ZTE has announced the successful completion of an NB-IoT field test on the China Mobile network in Guangzhou, China.

The trial, organized by China Mobile, tested the network of the entire mobile chain including wireless, core, terminals and apps and was reported to have been successful in every aspect.

Devices including virtual CN, PaaS, base stations and terminals were provided by ZTE. China Mobile then tested the setup, upgrade, single and multi-mode networking performance. Results focused on the data download rate and coverage experienced by end users.

The test covered 200 sites, and specifically addressed the workings of NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT), a low-power WAN radio standard that allows for the connection of IoT-enabled devices to a cellular network. The test confirmed that using the existing China Mobile network provided enhanced coverage for NB-IoT, meeting protocol standards and validating enhanced coverage for IoT devices.

IoT device coverage was enhanced by the simultaneous support of both 3.75 and 15KHz, providing the world’s first example of 3.75 KHz trial networking, according to ZTE. The test also used IPv6, providing terminals with additional IP addresses in an effort to meet the high connections required for IoT data transmissions.

Almost a year ago, ZTE demonstrated NB-IoT at the China Mobile 5G innovation lab, using the 3GPP mobile technology standardization guidelines.

The company now offers NB-IoT applications in several different areas including smart meter reading and water monitoring, and smart parking and street lamps. ZTE’s IoT reach has developed to encompass both smart cities and smart homes.

The successful completion of a large-scale NB-IoT test is hoped to accelerate the development of China Mobile’s IoT network. Similar tests were conducted in three different geographical areas on the China Mobile network to verify the Guangzhou findings.

Last month, ZTE agreed to pay a record $1.9 billion USD fine for illegally selling telecommunications equipment to Iran and North Korea. The fine encompasses both civil and criminal penalties, and marks the largest fine ever levied by the United States in an export control case. $300 million USD will be suspended for a seven-year probationary period to defer further illicit activities.


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