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Advantech unveils Intel-based platform

Mon 16 Jan 2017

Advantech, a leading provider of embedded computing and intelligent systems services, has unveiled a new range of embedded computing platforms made with 7th-generation Intel core processors.

The new platforms, which combine Intel processors with Advantech integrated IoT software services, are created to outperform competitors in visual capabilities and graphics, making it a solid choice for digital displays including signage, transaction terminals, and surveillance. Combining Intel processing capabilities with Advantech’s own platform-as-a-service make the processors ideal for IoT applications as well.

The 7th generation Intel processors used in the new Advantech platforms comprise the group formerly known as Kaby Lake, said to be thinner, faster, and more power-efficient than previous iterations.

The new embedded computing platforms include the Express Basic, Express Compact, and three AIMB mini-ITX industrial motherboards. They also offer two micro-ATX industrial motherboards.

The Advantech platforms include built-in WISE platform-as-a-service, or WISE-PaaS. WISE-PaaS offers system integration between the cloud and IoT devices, allowing remote management and monitoring of device sensor information, as well as efficient sub-system communication.

WISE-PaaS includes pre-configured cloud services developed through a partnership with Microsoft Azure. This allows data analysis and software and hardware integration, for IoT and cloud applications.

Advantech also announced that they would offer an online software shopping marketplace that will provide IoT and cloud-driven software solutions for business transformation.

Furthering practical applications in IoT, Advantech joined the LoRa Alliance earlier this month. The LoRa Alliance is committed to promoting the use of low-range wide area networks, or LoRaWAN, for connecting IoT devices in Industry 4.0 and Smart City applications.

Miller Chang, Vice President of the Embedded-IoT group at Advantech, said that as a LoRa Alliance member, “Advantech commits to deliver a series of high performance IoT gateways, Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS) and M2.COM sensor devices with LoRa solutions to market.”

Last October, the company announced that they would partner with ARM to create an end-to-end IoT platform, from device to cloud. The ARM embed solution partnership is intended to round out Advantech’s IoT services, enabling faster deployment and scaling of IoT solutions across industries.

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