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Ingenu to deploy machine networks in Europe

Wed 11 Jan 2017

Ingenu, the company that created  Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) machine-to-machine and IoT connectivity network  will be introducing its RPMA networks in Europe in 2017. Ingenu currently operates M2M and IoT networks in 32 metro areas in the United States, including Smart City Atlanta and the Las Vegas Innovation District, and six international networks as well.

What was originally intended as a long-term plan to bring RPMA technology to the United States first, then expand globally, has been accelerated due to high demand for IoT network solutions worldwide. Ingenu currently has operational RPMA networks in Japan, Chile, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic and Canada, in addition to the 32 networks in the United States.

Ingenu CEO John Horn said, “Our five-year plan has turned into a five-month strategy based on demand from the volume of global partners approaching us.”

“Their requirements are clear:  they need cost-effective, future-proof solutions that are available now. Because of its broad coverage, global range and dedication to trillions of machines, Ingenu is the obvious partner.”

Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) technology provides access to a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) exclusively for machine-to-machine and IoT communications. RPMA, which operates on the globally free 2.4Mh channel, self-modulates to find a clear signal and opens and closes connections as required to save battery life.

The speeds required for M2M and IoT device communication are not high, meaning that Ingenu RPMA networks are fully functional at slower speeds and less expensive rates. Also, a single RPMA tower can cover up to 300 square miles, which is between ten and thirty times the range of a traditional cell tower.

A single tower can also support ongoing communications from up to 2 million devices.

RPMA relies on sensitive receivers to guarantee message delivery even in the face of interference, and offers built-in 256-bit encryption to ensure the security of data transmitted over the network.

Last September, Ingenu partnered with Swedish IoT device manufacturer u-blox to manufacture devices using the RPMA protocol. RPMA is also currently in use by Italian telemetry company Meterlinq in its smart metering services for business and residential gas meters.


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