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London selected to trial smart city tech

Thu 21 Jan 2016

Greenwich, London

London has been chosen to join a new European smart city scheme which will involve the testing of innovative technologies aimed at improving the lives of urban residents.

As part of the European Union’s Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse project, the UK capital will invest in putting up more solar panels on city roofs, among other sustainable efforts. London’s Royal Borough of Greenwich will be the main focus of the initiative, with the addition of 300 smart parking spots and an electric bike network.

A new heating system will also be built to use the flow of the River Thames to generate power for homes in the area.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson commented: “London is growing at a record rate and to support the city’s future growth, we need to harness our incredible technical prowess and look to what new approaches and technological innovation can bring.

By leading this international project, we will be able to share ideas with our European counterparts as we work to create a city that is fit for the future and an even greater place to live, work and visit.”

London is expected to receive a cut of the €25 million pan-European fund as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. The city will work alongside organisations such as Siemens, Future Cities Catapult and Imperial College London in testing the new schemes.

A data sharing platform will also be established to collaborate with other member cities – Milan, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Burgas and Warsaw.

“We believe that by investing in technology, with a focus on renewable and electrification, London has the potential to be a global beacon for smart technology and sustainability,” said Paul Brodrick, Head of Connected Communities at Siemens Energy Management.

Brodrick added that the programme was exciting in terms of its long term potential. “The data sharing between European cities and opportunities to develop a cities focused R&D pipeline in London could help keep the UK be at the cutting edge of future city technologies.”


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