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Samsung smart devices to support open IoT standards

Fri 4 Sep 2015

Samsung Gear S2 smart watch with iPhone

After announcing the launch of its SmartThings home hub yesterday, South Korean technology giant Samsung has revealed that it will allow its devices to integrate with those of its rivals.

According to Samsung Europe’s VP of marketing, Rory O’Neill, the company’s new smart watch Gear S2 will be the first in a collection of devices that will be able to communicate with products from other manufacturers.

The Gear S2, which launched this week, is compatible with Google’s Android smartphones, while previous smart watches produced by Samsung required a proprietary operating system.

O’Neill, speaking at the IFA trade fair in Berlin, explained that other Samsung devices would follow suit soon – “We will see more of these products in the future.” He added that “it’s really important to deliver on this big European trend,” explaining that the average European consumer has 19 connected products in the home, including smartphones, tablets and appliances.

Samsung wants each of its devices to be able to communicate with each other by 2020. It has also stated that within two years, it aims to connect 90% of its products to the internet of things (IoT).

O’Neill argued that completely open standards were important in this advancement as consumers become frustrated when their smart tech devices are not compatible. “We have to be completely open. We also need cross-industry collaboration, between tech firms, car makers and watch makers, not just inter-industry collaboration,” he said.

The Samsung executive continued that the smartphone would increase in importance as a “gateway” and remote control to other smart devices.

Compatibility and open standards are becoming major concerns in the smart industry. Last week Google announced its Android Wear smart watches for Apple iOS. The LG Watch Urbane and all future Wear releases including the recently announced Huawei Watch and future Asus and Motorola models will enjoy iPhone compatibility.


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