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Google bids to put its Glasses to work but is it a business technology not a consumer one?

Mon 9 Jun 2014

Could it be the market is deciding on Google Glass, the bespectacled smartphone from the technology giant? (Can I still call them the search engine giant?). Although Google Glass is rare over here, the New York Times gives an interesting insight into how it is US businesses that are finding real applications,  while in some swanky clubs the patrons are banned from wearing them. This article looks at a range of applications from law enforcement to basketball.

“I can think of a whole bunch of professions where Google Glass makes a lot of sense and poses almost no privacy risk at all and could be really valuable — everything from engineering to car repair to architecture to lumberjacking,” Mr. Rotenberg (Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center) said. “But what’s interesting about all of those professions is that you’re not actually interacting with a customer.”


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