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Internap updates routing software to cope with increasingly complex internet

Fri 25 Apr 2014

High performance internet infrastructure services, company Internap Network Services says it has completely rebuilt its intelligent routing software to cope with the upcoming demands of the internet of things.

Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) aims to route network traffic over the fastest available internet path. The company says that the internet of things means the number of connected devices will grow exponentially while the new ‘app economy’ is driving demand for mobile and web-based services.

“These changes have, in turn, created more traffic, networks and end points than ever before,” said a spokesman. “The result is a highly complex and congested system of networks that can significantly degrade the performance of Internet applications and services.”

This ‘next generation’ of Internap’s MIRO intelligently analyses performance characteristics across internet backbones and delivers traffic over the fastest path. “Next-gen MIRO succeeds by continually probing all available network paths and making an average of 250,000 hourly routing adjustments in each of Internap’s 87 global network points of presence (POPs)'” said the spokesman. The end result for customers, and their applications, is that MIRO delivers traffic an average of two to three times faster than other Internet carriers.

While the major carriers deliver traffic over the worst-performing Internet path nearly 30% of the time, next-gen MIRO steers customers’ traffic across the optimal network path more than 99% of the time” said the spokesman.

Internap is deploying next-gen MIRO across its 87 POPs worldwide and says it expects to complete this deployment by the end of the second quarter.

The company has also announced improvements to its global content delivery network to “provide improved performance, scalability, ease of use and a rich feature set for infrastructure customers”.


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