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News: Intel to make Dublin world’s first ‘internet of things’ city

Wed 9 Apr 2014

Chip giant Intel tells Silicon Republic’s John Kennedy that it wants to make the Irish capital the most “densely sensored city in the world”. The project will use 200 sensing gateways using Intel Quark-based Gateway platforms. They will be placed around Dublin to gather and monitor environmental data, in particular noise and air quality. Each gateway can deploy up to six sensors.

“Intel will deploy a wide-scale internet of things (IoT) research platform in Dublin, which will facilitate the project. The data which is gathered by the sensors will be made available to citizens and other stakeholders on an open basis, enabling the development of apps which will give Dubliners real-time information about air quality and noise levels.
When combined with the real-time traffic information, which is currently provided on an open basis by Dublin City Council, the project will give citizens the opportunity to shape the way the city develops.”



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