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Why wearable technology needs the power of the cloud to succeed

Thu 3 Apr 2014

19/3/14 – A report by David Gilbert from the ongoing Wearable Technology event in London, featuring Intel Furturist Steve Brown plus a video if you fancy it. Essentially computing hardware is getting smaller and more powerful and so humans and various bits of their clothing and accessories (not just naff smartwatches) are becoming part of the Internet of Things.

“Huge data centres and cloud computing infrastructure which delivers services over the internet, enables these wearable devices to deliver a much great range of features according to Brown.
“This is important in the world of wearables because many of these devices are not going to deliver great functionality just on their own. There are going to be connected and they are going to be connected to these massive computers with access to data and massive amounts of number crunching,” (said Brown) ”



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