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Automating the data warehouse and beyond – getting back to basics

Thu 3 Apr 2014

Data warehousing maybe an old fashioned term but the basic principles still apply even to big data. Barry Devlin thinks it’s refreshing to step back to some of the basic principles of defining, building and maintaining data stores that support the process of decision making… or data warehousing,

“All IT projects begin with business requirements, but data warehouses have a second, equally important, staring point: existing data sources. These twin origins typically lead to two largely disconnected processes. First, there is the requirements activity often called data modelling, but more correctly seen as the elucidation of a business model, consisting of function required by the business and data needed to support it. Second, there is the ETL-centric (extract, transform, load) process of finding and understanding the existing sources of this data, figuring out how to prepare and condition it, and designing the physical database elements needed to support the function required.”



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