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Unblur The Digital World

Tue 19 Jan 2016

Technology has transformed the business world, changing the way we work and disrupting entire industries. How a business responds to this will determine who succeeds and who fails.

To take just one example, in just a few years cloud has evolved from niche, to providing a competitive advantage, to simply being the way business is done. In fact cloud is now so ubiquitous that 87% of businesses are already using cloud for mission-critical workloads1.

IT is no longer a backroom function: it’s central to the way businesses operate, not matter what the country, no matter what the industry. But with that increased importance comes increased complexity and increased risk. The explosion of devices has led to an exponential increase in data. And as access to that data becomes easier and more flexible, it drives demand for more apps, more devices and more data. In fact the volume of data is predicted to grow at 40% a year for the next decade2.

But who manages this data? Who secures the cloud? Who is liable in the event that something goes wrong?

While the enterprise grapples with these questions, criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated at exploiting weaknesses in cloud and the enterprise, at an estimated cost of $1.7 trillion globally in 20143. Attacks can take just seconds to execute, and often take days to be discovered.

It’s no longer enough to think of cloud, network and security as separate issues. In the new digital world the lines between them are blurred. What’s needed is a cohesive strategy that embraces the opportunities technology provides while mitigating the risk, deriving a competitive advantage.

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