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Totally Integrated Power

Wed 23 Nov 2016

Efficient, reliable, and safe power distribution

Efficient, reliable, and safe: These are the demands placed on your power distribution system. With Totally Integrated Power (TIP) we provide a coordinated, tailored program that delivers the planning, products, installation, operation, and services you need to respond.

With TIP you can confidently address power supply issues related with greater rack density and new cooling requirements. TIP tackles power cost issues, too. Metering and monitoring devices help you detect malfunctions, lower consumption, and pave the way for long, cost-effective life of your equipment.

Modular, comprehensive offering

To ensure a professionally planned and designed data center, Siemens offers “Totally Integrated Power” (TIP) providing support in all life-cycle stages of data centers. TIP refers to integrated electrical power distribution from the medium voltage supply fed in by the utility company right up to the final electrical application in your data center facility. Totally Integrated Power represents innovative products, systems and software tools providing the safest and most reliable power distribution to ensure constant and consistent uptime.

These products are supplemented by communication-capable software modules which enable linking the power distribution system with other systems within a data center (e.g. building management system). This Siemens solution allows to design and build a comprehensive energy management system that optimizes the consumption of electricity and leads to considerable savings across the whole project cycle.

Optimum power flow

Modern data centers require a space-saving, robust, power distribution system that can be easily expanded and supports high plug densities. The EMC friendly Siemens busbar trunking systems are renowned for their outstanding performance in data centers with limited space, providing flexible modular power distribution. With its sheet-steel enclosure, the system allows for flexible expansion and offers minimal fire load and is therefore the professional solution for a data center with the highest safety standards.

Power monitoring

To sustainably run a data center, Siemens realizes it is crucial to understand the power consumption. Besides the high availability requirements, it is important to know where and how much energy is used. Our power monitoring devices, e-counters and communication-capable circuit breakers precisely and reliably detect the power values of every element inside a data center. Detailed reporting is provided for all these elements including:

  • Power quality
  • Power usage
  • Load profile curves
  • Trend analysis
  • Visualization of switching states

The measuring devices and software provide data center operators with the information needed to establish an efficient energy management and sustainable operation in their facility

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