The Stack Archive Whitepaper

Top 5 Ways to Empower the Future-Ready Enterprise

Wed 19 Aug 2015

Enterprises should be ready for anything, and their business framework should be similarly adaptable. That’s true whether you work in a line of business or, especially, if you’re part of an IT organization; as business conditions change in the future, IT will have to be part of that change.
The big question for IT executives is how they will help drive their organizations to become better prepared for the future. The new IT initiative is clear: Help make the enterprise future-ready.
The Future-Ready Enterprise (FRE) operates on the premise that business change will not only continue, it will likely accelerate due to a variety of external factors—many of which have not yet been uncovered. This has significant implications throughout the enterprise, especially for the IT organization. When IT is future-ready, it can help the organization survive new and evolving business pressures. Whatever the catalysts, executives in an FRE environment are under pressure to deliver improved business results, increase customer satisfaction, control costs, improve competitive standing and enhance employee productivity.

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