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Disaster Recovery in The Cloud

Wed 1 Apr 2015

A transforming market

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) have changed significantly over recent years due to the disruptive impact of the cloud computing market. The emergence of new cloud-based technologies, the associated progress in virtualisation products and the reduction in connectivity costs have significantly influenced DR and BCP solutions with important benefits across the board, transforming the relevant offerings in the marketplace.
What used to be a stagnant necessity, often associated with doubling the cost of ownership of an Information System, now Disaster Recovery solutions can be extensions of flexible “production” platforms and components of an overall Cloud migration strategy.

Commercial virtualisation technologies and standards have revolutionised the way Disaster Recovery services are now provided and consumed. Whilst traditionally a recovery/failover platform would mean re-designing and building a physical replica of the primary Information System, modern Disaster Recovery services can be consumed on-demand and at a fraction of the cost.

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