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Infographic | UK Attitudes to Virtual Desktops

Fri 13 Mar 2015

IDG Connect worked in collaboration with Sungard Availability Services and polled 110 C-Level executives and IT directors and managers to get a better understanding of their current usage of, and attitudes to, desktop virtualisation technology, gathering intelligence on future implementation plans and concerns. All of those taking part in the survey worked for UK companies employing 500 or more employees, and 61% employed over 1,000 people. Respondents represent a snapshot of opinion from a broad range of industries, including software and computer services (20%), electronics (10%) and engineering (9%).

This infographic, provides feedback from 110 C-Level and IT decision makers on desktop virtualisation. These professionals come from a broad range of industries and help deliver a snapshot of industry opinion on Desktop as a Service through the UK.

To download the infographic click here

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