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Significant Growth in Cable Management Across Various Markets

Wed 31 Mar 2021

The global requirement for high quality, easy to use and cost-effective cable management continues to increase as the importance of the infrastructure cabling can be a major contributing factor to the efficiency and success of the systems supported.

Panduit is a global leader in the design and development of targeted solutions in cable management whether specified for internal or exposed to harsh environments. The company manufactures solutions for an array of applications, and this article describes two specific uses – Panduit Edge Clips and Solar Energy Panel Clips, that demonstrate the company’s focus on fit-for-purpose development, while design and manufacture ensure easy of use, long lifecycle and cost efficiency.

The expansion of solar energy collection site across the globe has warranted the development of the company’s Edge Clips range that provide versatile, quick and secure attachment direct to panel and frame edge energy capture systems. No drilling into the structure is required, maintaining the panel’s integrity and the clips allow cables or wires to be routed along or perpendicular to the edge, as required by the application design.

Simple press-on attachment of the clip directly onto the panel edge and the installer is ready to use the accompanying cable tie for securing the cable bundle. The Edge Clips can be installed without tools in around 11 seconds – 10 seconds faster than average cable tie and clip combinations, a time saving of almost 50%.


Panduit Edge Clip

The new Edge Clips offer increased flexibility and wider range of use. Two variants are suitable for 0.7-3 mm and 3-6 mm thick panel edges. In addition, only a single Edge Clip is necessary for horizontal or vertical mounting, where alternative solutions require two different clips. This reduces the storage required and offers more flexibility when mounting on site.

The specially designed saddle presses the cable tie firmly against the Edge Clip with no slippage. The compact mounts thus ensure a permanent, secure fit, even if a cable is pulled through the fastener. The high-performance clips offer excellent tensile strength due to the specially developed metal lips and can be attached by hand without tools allowing access in space restricted environments, increasing the range of applications.

The combination of innovative Edge Clips, robust cable ties and cable tie bases from Panduit permit wider professional use in the cabling of motor vehicles, rail engines and carriages, heavy-duty machinery, as well as solar energy farms for cable routing panels. In addition, Panduit offers pre-configured assemblies or barbed versions for applications in high vibration environments.

Cable Tie Tool

PV Installations

As this solar energy industry has matured, solar-derived power has evolved beyond simple panels to complex assemblies of solar conversion devices, control systems, and transmission stations. Providing robust end-to-end solutions maximizes reliability, productivity, and safety throughout the infrastructure.

Solar energy solutions align critical control, power, and network distributed systems to increase the development and delivery of solar-derived electricity.  Solar panels are installed on metal frames that support the weight of the solar panels and provide a pathway to route wire and cabling from the solar panel to the inverter.  Harsh environment applications call for extensive testing to ensure product performance, including testing for high wind, high vibration, intense UV exposure, extreme temperatures, and corrosive atmospheres.

Delivering a variety of clip designs offers the capability to improve installation efficiency in the field and offers a robust solution that can withstand long-term UV exposure. Panduit’s solar clips are manufactured from black weather resistant polyoxymethylene and are tested to provide an expected 20-years outside lifespans. The durable resin device eliminates concerns of galvanic corrosion and prevents scratches to the solar panel frame.  The clips are suitable for frames measuring 1mm – 3mm think and 20mm – 35mm wide (see illustration) and manage up to three wires in the cable retaining area.

Solar Clips Simple Installation

Designed with a patented retention lock pin assures a secure installation on a wide range of solar panel frames and toolless installation eliminates the need for clip installation tools.  The integral spring design holds the wires securely within the cable retention area whilst multiple mounting options increase the installation solutions for wires to run parallel or perpendicular to the frame, as well as inside or outside the frame member.


Panduit manufacturers a large variety of cable ties ranging in sizes styles and materials for fastening, bundling, clamping and identifying cable types. The high-performance ties are similarly tested to perform with the Panduit clip systems, providing superior resistance to zinc chloride and other chemicals created when moisture interacts with galvanized frames. The Panduit Nylon 12 tie range offers the leading solution for a durable tie to withstand the harshest environments found in the solar energy industry.

Choosing comprehensive solutions from a leading supplier to the electrical, engineering and solar energy industry simplifies supply lines. Building relationships with a global systems device supplier provides support during design and planning of projects and capacity provisioning for maintenance.

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