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Mon 4 Jul 2016

Two innovative technologies that have the potential to not only speed change and reduce hardware costs, but to fundamentally reengineer business processes.

Get the skills you need with complimentary workshops

The opportunities are enormous if this process is managed correctly – look at the way entire industries have been disrupted by more nimble competitors. But the cost of failure is also huge, with household names seeing their market share eroded and business models undermined. The stakes have never been higher.

For IT departments that presents a challenge. Digital technology is increasingly important for virtually every business in every industry, placing IT on the front line of the battle for success. But the system that has worked for years is no longer fit for purpose. Procuring expensive hardware boxes in yearly cycles is impractical, expensive, and slow to respond to changing needs. How can IT support the evolving demands of the business on time, and on budget?

The solution lies in two technologies: Software Defined Networking (SDN) and SD-WAN. Between them these two innovative approaches have the potential to not only speed change and reduce hardware costs, but to fundamentally reengineer business processes.

But although they have been widely discussed in the industry, many businesses remain unsure how best to implement these technologies to get the most out of them. That’s why Verizon is offering complimentary half-day workshops for you and your colleagues to help you learn from our global experience.

SDN takes what cloud has done for software and data and applies those principles to the network, eliminating the reliance on network hardware. New functionality can be added in minutes rather than weeks or even months, enabling new ways of responding to the demands of the business.

SD-WAN allows you to easily create a network using multiple kids of connections, combine them seamlessly, then optimizing their use, eliminating reliance on a single vendor or connection. Not only does that reduce costs, but it allows important data to be prioritized while offloading general traffic to a public internet connection (no more YouTube videos clogging up your costly MPLS connection).

The potential of both technologies is clear, but the path to implementing and optimizing them is often not. Verizon has global experience of helping clients successfully leverage SDN and SD-WAN. At these bespoke half-day workshops designed specifically around your individual business, you will have the opportunity to learn from our experts. Topics covered include:

–             Overview of the technology

–             Use cases in your industry

–             How SDN and/or SD-WAN can benefit your business

–             Bespoke implementation framework and roadmap

For more information on these complimentary events please download our factsheet now.

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