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15kW Internal EcoCooler prototype could bring 90% energy savings to server & telecoms rooms.

Thu 28 May 2015

15kW Internal EcoCooler protoype displayed at Data Centre World 2014.  EcoCooling bring 90% energy savings to server & telecoms rooms.

For several years now Data Centres have been cutting the cost of cooling by 80 to 90 per cent thanks to direct-air evaporative cooling.

Market leader EcoCooling has now developed a smaller unit ideal for the telecoms room and small server rooms which have historically been some of the most expensive locations to cool due to the highly inefficient and often unsuitable refrigeration cooling units deployed.

Launching the new 15kW evaporative cooler, EcoCooling’s managing and technical director Alan Beresford explained, ‘small office-type air conditioners have been used to cool areas such as telecom rooms and small server rooms, but these are not really suited to cooling IT equipment and can be very inefficient. Refrigeration coolers naturally use a lot of energy and in-fact office type coolers simply aren’t designed to deal with the high levels of concentrated heat produced by modern servers, routers and switches.’

Often, to remove 15kW of heat from a server room the energy requirement to run the refrigeration coolers would amount to a further 15kW of electricity.

The new EcoCooling evaporative cooler requires a mere 400watts to remove 15kW of heat. This can save over £10,000 per year in cooling costs.

With one leading University already looking to deploy 60 of these units – and save over 500kW of power the new product is set to be extremely popular!
Also, while refrigeration-based coolers whose efficiency gets far worse when they are partially-loaded, the new EcoCooling units are highly efficient at low loads. 5kW of cooling will require less than 50W of electricity.

The new 15kW cooler from EcoCooling requires no external condenser unlike conventional air conditioning units and is a self-contained compact unit at just 1.4m x 0.9m x 1.9m. The units are also designed for ease and speed of maintenance and all maintenance is carried out inside the building.

The very simple installation method means the 15kW EcoCooling unit is significantly less expensive than conventional external units making the massive energy savings available to small server and telecoms rooms.

For more information on the 15kW and new products please contact EcoCooling at [email protected] or call 01284 810586. case Studies can be found on the website www.ecocooling.oirg

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