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CNet Training Now Offers CPDs

Wed 4 Nov 2015

Global leaders in Data Centre and Network Infrastructure education, CNet Training, are pleased to announce that they now offer CPDs (Continual Professional Development) to students on all of their qualification level 5 programs.

CNet Training is the only dedicated training provider in the world to award both international and industry recognised qualifications and official certifications and is the originator of The Global Data Centre and Network infrastructure Education Framework, which maps education to actual roles throughout the industry, it’s renowned and followed by multinational companies across the world.

The recent announcement that CNet Training is awarding CPDs means students on CNet Training’s programs can obtain an additional award which is widely recognised throughout many industries to enhance their professional development. The CPD Certification Service provides support, advice and recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD principles. Individuals who have CPDs can regularly update their knowledge and skills to remain capable and effective in their job role. It also enables those who gain CPDs to adapt positively to changes in the industry or work place and with new technology ever changing the importance of CPD has rapidly increased in recent years.

CNet Training’s Operations Director, Paul Rivett said: “Together with certification by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles, CNet Training leads the way in data centre and network infrastructure education with an outstanding package of professional and industry approved education, qualifications and certifications. Certification verifies that an individual has attended a training program, completed the learning process and achieved its learning outcomes. It is an essential part of a career portfolio and enhances credibility of the organisation and its employees.”

For information on CNet Training’s programs, please go to www.cnet-training.com or call 01284 767100.

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