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Cloud predictions for the upcoming year

Sat 6 Jun 2015

Cloud technology has reached heights no one thought possible until a very short while ago. Today, everyone is trying to guess what the latest breakthrough for cloud computing will be and where this innovative technology will takes us next. While there are a lot of variables missing and there are many things that could happen along the way, there are also some things that professionals have been able to predict based on the way in which cloud computing is currently evolving. Cloud technology is more accessible than ever and its accessibility at both a personal and enterprise level have made this form of computing more prone to evolution than ever. Anyone can get some servers and additional equipment from icrfq and with some work build their own cloud network. In this article we are looking at the top predictions for this year for cloud technology.

Hybrid Cloud more prominent than ever

  • The idea of a multi-cloud strategy appeals with most enterprises and today, 85% of them have adhered to this philosophy. Last year the percentage halted at 82% which means that we have seen an increase so far. Further evolution dictates that even more enterprises will begin to see the value of multi-cloud strategies.
  • Hybrid cloud computing is seeing a rise in popularity with 58% of enterprises looking to adopt hybrid cloud technology as soon as possible. This is also a step up in comparison to last year’s 55%.
  • Multiple private clouds is predicted to see further shrinkage as the numbers have already gone down considerably since last year, from 23% to 9%.

Optimizing costs for cloud technology

The only thing cloud users are more eager about this year than implementing a higher workload capacity for their systems in term of cloud capacity, is to optimize the costs of operating through cloud computing. With cloud taking such an important role on, optimizing costs are a primary concern and will continue to climb the priority ladder.

Centralized teams, more focused on cloud

  • Centralization is seeing favorable numbers as of late and it is predicted that centralized teams will be put in the middle of the cloud operation and development, meaning that they will be attributed more and more important duties regarding cloud computing.
  • Centralized teams will also get a louder word to say when it comes to organizing and defining apps that need to be transferred to cloud as well as being put in charge of private cloud network selection. Similarly, public clouds will also fall more and more under their jurisdiction.

These are some of the things that cloud users can look forward to this year as cloud technology gains a more important role than ever in today’s enterprise level computing operations. It remains to be seen just what else will surface regarding cloud computing that hasn’t been predicted or hinted by ongoing endeavors.

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