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Broadband4 provide web filtered connectivity into the Education sector with C4L

Fri 4 Sep 2015

The proactive providers of IT services for schools continue to provide new and improved managed and onsite tailored support services to the evolving needs of education, with the help of C4L’s Colocation and Connectivity services.


Company Information

Company: PSDL Schoolcare & Broadband4
Industry: Educational ICT Managed Services
Country: UK
Website: www.broadband4.co.uk



  • Flexible services to support growth
  • Access to large DC footprint
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Prime DC location
  • Fast Consultancy
  • 24/7 Technical Support



“Having a visionary company waiting in the wings to help you realise your requirements is invaluable when it comes to bringing new products to market”

Steve Jones
Managing Director



Up until recently, the majority of schools bought JANET connectivity through their Local Education Authority (LEA) as JANET offers a web filtering service. However, these links are costly and with the amount of self-autonomy schools now have, the rules have been relaxed. They can now buy connectivity providing the right level of web filtering is applied to the traffic



Broadband4’s core business relies on robust and reliable connectivity both from their end customers and to the internet, as an ISP business they could not function without this.

Broadband4 needed a connectivity and colocation partner to ensure resilient internet connectivity and secure off-site protection of IT hardware in a local Data Centre. They also required a choice of multiple UK DC locations to leverage geographical separation of services.



As a partner of C4L’s for 5 years through their parent company Professional Software Design, Broadband4 had visibility on C4L’s broad portfolio of products and services, of which multiple were a perfect fit for their requirement. The C4L Partner team worked closely with Broadband4 to understand their priorities, restrictions and aims for their service to the education industry and created a bespoke solution through a combination of IP Transit, Colocation, Wireless and Leased Line products.

The solution was configured and deployed alongside their parent companies existing portfolio of products, with minimum disruption and the customer links were provided seamlessly into their colocation rack through simple ordering processes and communication. This solution allowed Broadband4 to provide cost-effective services into local and national schools.

Good communication eased the provisioning process for our internal teams, reducing the internal overhead. Having C4L allowed us to design and deploy our ISP network to our customers quickly and effectively in response to a changing and evolving business”


Ongoing Partnership

The C4L team always aim to provide future proofed or long term business benefiting solutions, in this case C4L put Broadband4 on the UK’s largest privately owned Data Centre network which has allowed them to build resilience into their IT estate, cost effectively, without the reliance on multiple different suppliers.


“Having a visionary company waiting in the wings to help you realise your requirements is invaluable when it comes to bringing new products to market – C4L’s unique flexibility has allowed us to further extend our network by interconnecting 3 of our co-location racks to the same core network, providing even more connectivity options for our customers




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