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Big Data to Big Value

Tue 17 Jan 2017

There continues to be an incredible amount of interest in the topic of Big Data. It has transcended from a trend to being simply part of the current IT lexicon. For some organizations, its use has already become an operational reality; providing unprecedented ability to store and analyze large volumes of disparate data that are critical to the organization’s competitive success. It has enabled people to identify new opportunities and solve problems they haven’t been able to solve before.

For other organizations, Big Data is still an unknown – something that needs to be better understood in terms of its relevance to a company’s current and future business needs. This paper gives an overview on how data flows from source to analysis and how the Qlik visual analytics platform can help companies gain the most leverage from a Big Data implementation by providing an analytics solution that can both access the data and make it relevant and available to the organization’s business users.

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