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4energy launch highest capacity cooling – COOLflow Force

Tue 17 Nov 2015

4energy the world renowned free air specialists have launched COOLflow Force in response to intense demand from the telco, railway and utility sectors for improved savings on energy and maintenance spend and demonstrable reductions in carbon emissions.

COOLflow Force provides Facility Managers with the world’s only free air system with an F7 type maintenance free filter with a 48V DC or 230V AC/EC fan. One unit of COOLflow Force can address heat loads of up to 10kW at a ∆T of 10°C. It can operate as a standalone cooling solution with existing A/C or as a back-up cooling solution.

COOLflow Force has been deployed across multiple continents providing cooling whilst saving energy in mobile base stations, technical rooms and substations in mobile and fixed telecom networks.

Lukasz Urbaniak, Product Manager said, “We have involved our customers in the development process to produce a product that ticks every box. Following extensive testing and trials we now have a winning product in deployment delivering up to 95% cooling energy savings.”

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